Pork bites with lemon sauce


  • Pork loin 1 kg cut into bites
  • Onions 2 big coarsely chopped
  • White mushrooms 20 items coarsely hopped into slices
  • Olive oil 1 cup
  • Mustard 2 tablespoons
  • Lemons 2 the juice of them
  • Salt-pepper
  • Powder turmeric 1 level teaspoon
  • Water 1/2 glass


Heat the olive oil in a pan and saute the onions.Then add the meat cut into bites(cubes) and saute until golden brown.Finally add the mushrooms.Season with salt and pepper,add the turmeric,the lemon juice and the mustard.Add the water and bake for 40 minutes.It is ready to enjoy it(in a pressure cooker bake for 20 minutes).


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