Pickled gherkins


  • Small cucumbers 2 kg thin
  • Garlic 3 cloves cut in half
  • Dill 1/2 small bunch
  • Vinegar 1 1/2 small cup
  • Chickpeas 4 - 5
  • Salt
  • Water


Pack cucumbers tightly into a jar.( If the jar is placed sideways you can pack them more easily ).Then add the garlic,the chickpeas,the dill and the vinegar.Add a teaspoon of salt to each glass of water,add the salted water to the jar until it is full ( add as much water as needed ).Then cover with the dill and seal the jar.When the color of the cucumber changes,they are ready.Refrigerate them.If you want you can add some finely chopped carrots among the cucumbers.

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