Chocolate and chestnut souffle


  • Sugar 120 gr
  • Eggs 3 items
  • Self-raising flour 200 gr
  • Butter 250 gr
  • Dark chocolate 250 gr
  • Chestnuts 250 gr boiled
  • Chestnut marmalade 3 tablespoons


Boil the chestnuts in a pan,drain and peel them thoroughly and puree them in a blender.With an electric mixer beat the eggs with the sugar  in a bowl,till the mixture is fluffy.Add the flour and stir thoroughly.Melt the dark chocolate with the butter and add them to the mixtures,stirring until all ingredients are well combined.Add  the chestnut puree and marmalade and continue stirring for a while.Grease with butter some molds and fill each mold about two thirds full with the batter.Bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees for 8-10 minutes depending on the oven.You will understand that they are ready as soon as they  begin to form small cracks on the surface.

*Be careful we do not want to be baked like cupcakes.They should be really gooey in the centre.


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