Filo pastry pizza


  • Filo pastry 1 package thin
  • Sausages 150 gr finely chopped
  • Ham 100 gr finely chopped
  • Gouda 100 gr grated
  • Regato 100 gr grated
  • Tomatoes 3 cut into strips
  • Red pepper 1 cut into round slices
  • Green pepper 1 cut into round slices
  • Milk 150 ml
  • Eggs 2 items
  • Butter 200 gr melted
  • Sesame optional


Cut the filo pastry in half so as to use half of it as a base and the remaining on top to cover the filling.Melt the butter and grease with it a roasting pan.Place half of the filo pastry sheets on the bottom of the roasting pan,butter them well.Add on top all the ingredients ( except the milk and the eggs ),keep some of the grated regato and the red pepper.Top with the remaining filo pastry sheets,butter them well and cut the pizza into pieces.Then sprinkle with the cheese and the red pepper kept,optionally sprinkle with some sesame.Leave it for 10 minutes to absorb its liquids and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes approximately until it browns well( depending on the oven ).Let the pizza slightly cool and enjoy it.


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